Update: Registration has closed on April, 14th 2008.

Before the event you are asked to find a mathematical project and work on it. The results will be presented in a roughly 45-minute talk to all the other participants of the congress. The talks do not need to be new. If you have already worked on a school project, an article for a competition, or the like, you can certainly resort to it.

All participating pupils should submit a report (which should not exceed 10 pages) of their project for publication in the conference volume. Furthermore, you are asked to prepare a presentation for the conference.

Please note that the language of the congress will be English that means the report as well as the presentation have to be composed in English. Certainly, group work is also welcome and it does not matter if the talk is finally given by one or more pupils.

To register for the congress use the registration form. Moreover, please send us a short abstract (not more than three pages) containing the most important ideas and results of your work.

You can also apply if you want to take part without preparing a presentation, but you will only get an invitation if the capacities allow.

The participation fee will amount to €100 including room and board. Eastern Europeans (i.e. not part of the former EU-15 (1995) and not Switzerland or Norway) will have to pay only 50€ reduced fees. Additionally, we will provide travel stipends.

The confirmations of participation, the official invitations and the applications for the travel grants will be mailed in April 2008.

Please send the completed registration form together with the abstract of your report (1-3 pages, in English language) to:

Junior Mathematical Congress 2008
Fakultät für Mathematik und Informatik
07737 Jena

Closing date is April 14th 2008.

For further questions and information, please use the contact form.