Presentation (How to Prepare and Technical Information)

We're sure you can tell from your own experience that it's not easy to give a good talk. We therefore recommend that you follow the advices given here. Of course, these are mere guidelines, but they often lead to a well prepared and interesting performance.

You can use slides (send us a pdf or ppt file) or/and the chalkboard. If you want to use chalk, please practice writing in clear, readable and large letters (our chalkboards are huge) in reasonable time.

Preparing the Talk

  • Plan your talk, write an outline to paper
  • Mind the time limit, don't try to give too much information
  • Don't overestimate the audience' knownledge about your subject
  • Avoid too many definitions and long proofs. Explain key ideas in a intuitive way
  • Divide the end of your talk into modules that you can easily omit if time becomes a problem

Making Slides

  • No more than one slide per two minutes
  • No more than 10 to 12 lines per slide
  • Give every slide a meaningful title
  • Key words instead of long sentences
  • Don't write anything you don't speak about
  • Avoid long formulas and unfamiliar symbols as far as possible
  • Show pictures, tables and (counter-)examples
  • Make landscape slides with light background
  • Use dark, sans-serif and LARGE fonts (check that indices aren't too tiny)
  • Style and colorize only with intent
  • Avoid animation effects on your slides or make moderate use of them. They distract both you and the audience and are the most common source of technical problems.

Presenting the Talk

  • Prepare a nice opening, e. g. an interesting question or example
  • Practice your talk but don't memorize it
  • Speak unhasty and faced to the audience
  • Recall the meaning of terms and symbols from time to time
  • You can make one or two jokes, but no more

However, don't be too scared. Enjoy giving your own presentation as much as the talks you listen to. Have fun with the other participants because you are all sitting in the same boat!


Technical Information

  • Overhead projectors and projection screens are installed.
  • We will provide a computer as well.
  • There is a sound system with microphones installed in the lecture room. We are going to make use of it. So you do not need to bring these items to Jena.
  • If you intend to use other software or hardware you should contact us.
  • To ensure compatibility please provide your MS Powerpoint slides in the old .ppt-format (not .pptx). (pdf slides are also possible if you are familiar with LaTeX) Especially, the formula editor is known to behave different in both versions.
  • If you prepare MS Powerpoint slides for an unknown computer, avoid using exotic plugins or fonts. They will cause unpredictable behaviour if they are not installed.
  • To make your slides readable, please read the instructions above.

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