10 August 2008 – The congress is over, and life goes on

By now, all participants have left Jena. The organization team is taking care of all the little final tasks - writing articles and reports, returning the Imaginary pictures to their owners - and soon, the realization that it all is over and everybody's gone will set in. Thank you all for a great week.

2 July 2008 – Programme online and website updated

The programme and list of talks is online. At Info/Maps you will find some information about Jena and the conference site.

1 July 2008 – 2nd e-mail have been sent out

We give you some final instructions and we are asking you for your arrival and departure times. In case of application for poster printing, we hae sent you another e-mail, asking for the pdf-file.

31 May 2008 – E-Mail problems

If you get an "Inbox full" error message while sending an e-mail to us, you can just ignore that. That means that only some members of our distribution list have these problems, but there are also recipients without problems on this list. Sorry for your inconvinience.

22 April 2008 – Invitation letters have been sent out

You will receive a letter from us during the next days (unfortunately the German Post is particially striking).

The next important date is the 1st June. By this you are required to have sent the questionaire about some formalities, have managed the payment and mailed a full text report about your contribution that will be published in the congress report. Please don't overstay this date, this is very important for planning and final booking.

15 April 2008 – Registration has finished

We have received about 80 registrations. There are single registrations, a lot of groups and some applications without a talk. Anyway there are too many talks to fit in the congress week. So we have to select about 30 of them. Nevertheless we will invite all registered people (except the too old university students).

In the next few days we will sent out letters to everybody with all further information.

30 March 2008 – New deadline

The closing date has now been changed to April 14th!

24 January 2008 – Fees reduced

We can now reduce the participation fees downto 100 Euro for western Europe and 50 Euro for eastern Europe. We are not going to reduce any more. Travel grants will be provided additionally.

21 December 2007 - European Union funding secured

We just got a really nice christmas gift from Jugend für Europa: a significant grant for the Junior Mathematical Congress. As a result, we will reduce all participation fees and also have a large number of travel- and participation grants available. Come. Apply.

We also will consider enlarging the conference size - if you participants cooperate and apply in large numbers.

13 December 2007 – Fee for eastern europe reduced

Decision that eastern european participants will not need to pay more than 75 Euro participant fee. Furthermore we are still working on allocating participation and travel grants – applications forms will be distributed in April.

3 December 2007 – Website expanded

We have expanded our Website. But it is not complete yet and we will add more information from time to time, so please read this News Page regularly.

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