HELP! I don't know what to do!

  • At the JMC in Stockholm, some of the occurring talk titles were:
    • Studying and graphing of fractals and chaos
    • Computer simulations and Monte Carlo methods in option pricing
    • Explicit formulae for numbers with many representations as sums of three cubes
    • Remarks in the history of mathematics
    • Solution of a practical mechanical problem in a real factory situation using cylinders and cones
    • Triangulations – smart partitions
    • On the equation (x choose 2) = y(y-1)(y-2)(y-3)
    • Use of sketch pad in mathematics
    • Segments of tangents forming a broken line where the end point equals the start point
    • Constructing Hamiltonian paths in graphs
    • Symmetrical random walk
    • Heron triangles
    • A characterization of topologically outerplanar graphs
    • Cryptography

We would however like to encourage you to seek out new and exciting projects to pursue.

  • "Are some topics forbidden? Can I choose every topic that I want?"
    • It is impossible to precisely define the difference between 'suitable' and 'not suitable'. Therefore we require you to send us an abstract along

with your registration. This will give us an idea of what you are going to present. The topic should be of mathematical concern and the difficulty should be appropriate for your age, although we do not aim at standard school subjects.

  • "Are computer-science topics allowed?"
    • Yes and no. We do not want self-programmed games or something comparable. I hope you know what I mean. It should be, let's say, kind of research with mathematical interest. You will find such things mostly in theoretical computer science. It is not unusual that students work at the computer to find something out (see list of topics below).
  • "Do I have to present new stuff?"
    • We encourage you to include ideas of your own. But this is not a must.

Am I too young/ too old?

  • You should be in your last years at school.
  • This includes all pupils who finish school in 2008.

Which materials and devices will be provided for my presentation?

You can use overhead projector (PowerPoint, PDF), transparencies and the blackboard. We are going to provide a computer for the projector as well. For further questions please contact us.

Please define the requirements on the 10-page report more precisely!

Our plan is to combine all reports and print them, so that you take it home. Moreover, we are going to publish some in our periodical WURZEL. We will likely apply some editorial changes.

Let's say: font size 12-14pt, A4, figures inclusive. Please send us an electronical version if possible (MS Word, Open Office, Latex,...) Do not desperately try to fill 10 pages. This is just an upper bound. You may well stay below it, but you are not allowed to exceed it.

That's a lot of money!

Please note that the participation fee includes

  • accommodation,
  • all meals during the congress week (breakfast, lunch, dinner),
  • programme fees,
  • the proceedings and
  • a weekly ticket for public transport in Jena

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